Envirothon Competitions

North Carolina EnvirothonThe Envirothon program is a competitive event for five member high school and middle school teams to compete in a natural resources knowledge and ecology field day against other high school and middle school teams. It stimulates, reinforces, and enhances students' interest in the environment and our state's natural resources. Resource subject areas are: Soils/Land Use, Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology, and Current Environmental Issues.

The Coastal Envirothon is a one-day competition hosted by Areas 5 and 6 of the North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. (Areas 5 and 6 include local Soil and Water Conservation District offices in 28 coastal counties). The middle school competition will run simultaneously with the high school competition.The competition is limited to 35 middle school teams and 35 high school teams.

An entire school class or group can participate in studying the resource subjects, however only five members shall be on a team for station training and testing rotations. Each team must have an advisor and can have 2 alternates who can go through the training and testing rotations as separate "teams" for practice. One advisor can manage teams from the same school.

At the Coastal Envirothon, a resource station is set up in an outside setting for each of the five resource subject areas. Teams are given a brief presentation by a natural resource professional and a test is taken on each of the resource subjects.

The top 14 teams (seven high school and seven middle school) from each area advance to the State Envirothon which is held at Cedarock Park in Alamance County.

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