Accepted Materials

  1. Accepted Materials
  2. Items Not Accepted

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Any solid waste, garbage, or refuse as defined in the Solid Waste Management Ordinance of Beaufort County, resulting from the operation of a residential establishment that would normally be collected, processed, and disposed of through a public or private solid waste management service.

Household Bulk Items

Also referred to as "bulk material", includes household furniture, mattresses, bedding, and other large household items.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard boxes should be emptied of all packing materials and flattened.

Oil Collection

Motor oil resulting from the maintenance of household engines, such as automobiles, trucks, boats, and lawn and garden equipment. Oil must be poured into the provided container at the convenience site.

White Goods

Inoperative or discarded refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers, or other similar domestic appliances.


Computers, televisions, cell phones, printers, PDAs, and other devices commonly used in homes.

Yard Waste

Vegetative matter such as leaves, pine straw, pine-cones, grass trimmings, and small limbs(8 inches in diameter or less) in quantities normally associated with residential yard maintenance.


Any iron, steel, or aluminum. Examples include structural steel beams, cookware, security bars, and frames.