Beaufort County maintains a yard waste and scrap tire collection facility at:
1342 Hawkins Beach Road
Washington, NC 27889

The landfill operates Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm (last entry at 3:45 pm), except for County-observed holidays.

Rules & Regulations


  • The landfill accepts only yard waste and scrap tires. All other waste types are strictly prohibited.
  • Users of the facility must cross the scales to be weighed in and out. The scale house attendant will signal when access is granted. When waste material has been dumped, return across the scales, and wait to be weighed out. In the event a scale house attendant is not present, self-service forms are provided. Please deposit completed forms in the container mounted to the deck.
  • Citizens disposing of their own residential yard waste do not have to pay a fee.
  • Users must unload their own waste. No unloading equipment is provided!
  • Commercial businesses are required to establish a landfill billing account.

Yard Waste

  • No yard waste larger than 8 inches in diameter is allowed.
  • Yard waste is billed at $30 per ton for commercial users.
  • Yard waste must be disposed of in the yard waste collection area. Material must be dumped as close to the material stockpile as possible.
  • Users should use caution disposing of yard waste material during wet periods, as no one may be available to pull stuck vehicles out.

Scrap Tires

  • All tires must be removed from rim. Rims are not accepted at this site.
  • Users disposing of more than five scrap tires must complete a North Carolina Scrap Tire Certification Form.
  • Scrap tires that originate in North Carolina qualify for free disposal.
  • Tires must be dumped neatly in the Scrap Tire Disposal Area.